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Ethyl Fucks Him Raw.

2011-01-04 23:05:21 by BrooklynBrett


Hey, did you hear?

2010-12-11 01:34:38 by BrooklynBrett

You did?


2008-08-25 22:44:10 by BrooklynBrett

That space-rock! It's plummeting for your dick! Take evasive measures!


2008-04-28 13:10:50 by BrooklynBrett

Evark and Zerok for Bigbadron in '08!

Regarding my webpage

2008-04-22 18:32:11 by BrooklynBrett

In a list of topics currently on the board like:

"Is Spongebob gay?"
"Show NG your room"
"Farting%u25BA%u20 3A"

The infinitely-wise moderators of this forum decided that MY thread... you know, the one that 95% of posters LOVED... should earn me a ban. No, they didn't delete or lock the thread. It's still open. The supposed offense is still there in prior form.

They just banned me for making a post that was well-liked.

Shit! Sorry, mods. Maybe next time I'll aim for: "Farting%u25BA%u20 3A".

And mods, please go on considering yourselves above mockery. You're hiding behind the rules when I'm clearly not violating them. A thread goes on the forum that everyone loves, and for whatever reason, you can't deal with it.

Enjoy the psyche "degrees" and IT "jobs".

Regarding my webpage

Tu madre

2008-04-16 20:08:18 by BrooklynBrett


I just gotta let you know. I hate your mom!

Al Gore

2008-04-11 09:42:30 by BrooklynBrett

I can't make a blank news post.

Al Gore

Viscount Christ

2008-04-08 23:24:50 by BrooklynBrett

Jesus... just not the regular one... the english nobility one.

Viscount Christ

God who?

2008-04-02 11:22:31 by BrooklynBrett

Just in case you didn't know, God's last name is Sanchez.

God Sanchez


2008-03-26 19:29:50 by BrooklynBrett

Help Wilford Brimley "punch diabeetus in the balls".